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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  December 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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officer noah leota's processional drove by the wheaton substation thursday afternoon. people got a chance to say goodbye as his body was transported from suburban hospital to the state medical examiner's office in baltimore.>> we are all deeply saddened and hurt by the loss. we seek solace in the idea that he died protecting the community and doing what he loved to do.>> it is and energy he had. he always had a smile on his face even if there was nothing to smile about.>> reporter: officer leota was hit thursday by a driver suspected of dui. the driver, luis this dabo lose go, has not been charged. montgomery county police chief tom major expressed frustration thursday during a news conference.>> the state of maryland has some of the week is penalties for drunk drivers. as we look ahead to the prosecution of this case, i can
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tell you that whenever it is done, there is little chance of real justice being done. >> reporter: the officer is the 36th person to die in a car crash in montgomery county this year. in one third of the cases, the drivers were drunk. >> he was killed by a man that had been arrested twice before for drunk driving. he was killed by a man who has a prior drug possession conviction. >> reporter: officer leota did his training here at the wheaton substation. in 2013, he became a police officer. the people he worked with here were like his family and he will be missed. reporting live in montgomery county, stephanie gayle heart, usa nine. turning to campaign 2016, a race for president. a brand-new cbs poll is out in the numbers are great for republican donald trump. trump leads the field with 35%,
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his best number yet. ted cruz climbs to 60%. then carson slips to third with 13%. some of the most recent polling was taken before trump called for a ban on muslims. he told fox news he expects this stance will widen his support. >> the establishment seems against me, but who is not against me are the voters.>> trumps support appears to be solid. 51% of his backers have made up their mind, compared to a quarter of voters who support other candidates. a white powdery substance sent people in the islamic relations officers -- offices on capitol hill today running. the fbi is conducting tests on the note. they get terror threats everyday but relatively televises them. the parents of alec merck spoke publicly
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today. he was passenger in a car crash that involved alcohol and speeding. >> you will only see it here on nine. we have been out in front on this story from the beginning. >> reporter: the parents were here to witness a guilty plea from kenneth salzman. he is the father who admitted to allowing underage drinking at a party in his home. six hours after his court appearance, kenneth salzman fled from our cameras. in court, he pled guilty to two counts of allowing underage drinking in his home. the judge gave him a maximum penalty, $2500 for each count. a total of $5000. >> i felt like he was just paying a parking fine, not paying for two lives.>>
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reporter: the two lives with her son and his friend, calton lead. both were passengers in a car driven by sam ellis that left the salzman party minutes before slamming into a tree and a fence. >> seriously injuring two, killing two, and putting the lives of more than two dozen at risk. the maryland law are really needs to change. >> reporter: there were more than 20 underage partygoers drinking beer and vodka at the salzman home. the driver in the crash, sam ellis, will go to trial in april. he is charged with two counts of negligent manslaughter and two counts of negligent homicide under the influence. andrea mccarren, wusa nine. the merck family plans to fight for new legislation to increase the penalties in maryland for this crime. current guidelines do not allow jail time. briefly today, it looked like police might have a
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strong lead for relational ride. -- elysha ride. she was only eight years old and disappeared with the janitor at the dc shelter for homeless people.>> it's more difficult every day. that doesn't mean we will stop looking. police are planning to search another sightseeing. they are not saying where because they don't want people trampling over. the child's family recently celebrated her 10th birthday. pro-life protesters are being sued for bothering students as they exercise their rights to protest the construction of a planned parenthood facilities -- facility.
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officials want the court to order protesters not to talk to the schoolchildren or approach than outside the school. baltimore police officer did -- william coroner did almost all he could a day a man was arrested. officer porter is one of six officers charged with gray's death last april. the incident touched off days of unrest and riots in baltimore. in chicago, dozens of medical students staged a die in while demanding rahm emanuel resign. they added voice to a growing number protesters accusing the mayor of covering up a police shooting of one mcdonald. illinois lawmakers have filed legislation to kickstart the process to get the mayor out.
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what was a 120 million-year- old dinosaur doing at the china embassy in dc? evidently finding its way home. today that fossil and artifacts were returned to china. the fossil of a micro raptor was retrieved from a would be indiana jones living in florida. president obama signed an education reform bill today that he calls a christmas miracle.>> the measure scales back the government's role in public education to give states and local governments more say in evaluating schools and deciding how to fix the ones that underperform. the law also expands preschool programs. mild weather for december is about to get even warmer. orr really, 70 degrees?>> we are serious.
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these are the records. 68 tomorrow, 71 saturday, 71 sunday. we are forecasting 65 tomorrow. a little shot, but kind of in the ballpark 68 on saturday, in the ballpark. we are forecasting 72 sunday, which we think will break some record highs, especially at dulles. the high at dulles is 71. it's 54 downtown, 55 and leesburg. it's 47 and buoy. we will come back and talk about the prospect for fog and what it would mean to your commute. coming up, you'll hear from a gay couple that was attacked on the metro for trying to do the right thing. the memorial is gone but the emotional scars remain after crews removed flowers
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today workers in paris removed messages and from the concert hall where people have been coming to pay homage to victims for weeks. police in geneva say they are actively searching for terror suspects connected with the attacks that killed 130 people. something people are thinking about these days, how
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would you handle an active shooter situation? >> for some people at a church it was more than just a question. church members are getting training about how to respond.>> we are seeing the reality that we certainly can have these things happen anywhere any time.>> the houston police department teaches students the run hide fight method. philadelphia police and school officials are trying to figure out if second graders were exposed to a hypodermic needle brought to school by a classmate. police became aware of the incident went -- when one of the in -- students handed the needles to a teacher's aide and reported being stabbed in the back. some students have been taken out of the school until the investigation is completed. still ahead, the weekend looks fantastic. get ready for springlike
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temperatures for your holiday shopping. the forecast is next. disabled from a stroke, but that didn't stop him
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metro police have identified in question a suspect in an attack on two gay men. the victims want the an attack -- attack treated as a hate crime.>> scott, what have you learned? >> reporter: the scots that -- suspect was picked up and release while transit police continue to build their case and why -- why a goal victims recover.>> everyone around was just looking at their phone.>> no one was helping.>> reporter: calvin lawrence and his partner joseph howard recalling the beating howard took at 1 am on metro's green line.>> they were picking at me because i was handicapped. they also called me a [ expletive ]>> reporter: coward, disabled from a stroke, tried
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to stop the teens from robbing and beating a 14-year-old boy, when they turned on him, hurling gay slurs. calls for help were ignored and the train kept rolling. it was three stops until the comparable jumped off -- couple jumped off and police responded. >> it seems like we're going from stop to stop and not getting help. there was no acknowledgment that help was on the way. at that moment, i feared for our lives.>> -- >> reporter: dan sissel disputes that version, saying the attendant alerted the police. the train operator was being directed by controllers. one person was caught on camera and police have identified and question her.
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the men now fear. -- riding metro. >> we pay a lot of money to ride the metro. it's not safe. >> reporter: for now, metro transit police are not treating this as a hate crime. they say because there is no evidence that sexual orientation was the overriding motivation for what happened. scott broom, wusa nine. >> that suspect in the case has not been charged pending further investigation. el niƱo is being called one of the strongest on record. the warming of the pacific has an impact on weather around the world. portland oregon is seeing flubbing -- flooding. new york has not seen a measurable snowfall, breaking 116-year-old record. after getting 7 feet of snow last year, some buffalo residents say playing golf is
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the biggest problem. >> i have to do to times because it's so packed here. >> these are bonus rounds. that makes up for the days i got rained out during the summer. >> during an average season, but forgets its -- buffalo gets snow in november. always watching, always tracking. wusa nines first alert weather. dc's most accurate. definitely golf weather ahead for some folks. not too many complaints about it. >> some people have two times this weekend. why not? the kind of best part, not much wind. a little breezy on sunday late in the day. not much wind friday and saturday. our 3 degrees guarantee, i thought this was shooting ducks in a barrel. maybe you not. we had 59 today. you can download our app and track a sell out -- along.
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outside, the weather cam, is still 54 downtown. winds are light. the dew points are in the 40s. we will not go below the 40s downtown tonight. a sprinkling of 30s in the suburbs. we will stay chilly with patchy fog. i don't think it will be widespread like this morning. it will burn off either way. bus stop temperatures, 38-53. outdoor plans are safe. you can make plans you would normally think you could make in december. record highs the fall sunday, looking more and more likely. future cast, 10:00, right around 50 downtown. 47 in the played a, 45 in monastic. we six leesburg. a few clouds overnight. we end up with clear to partly cloudy skies by morning. it 6:00 now -- 42 in bluey
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mitchellville. pretty nice. by midmorning, near 50 in many spots. 49 leesburg, 48 gains bird. 51 in the played a. by lunchtime -- la plata. tomorrow night, a mild evening. temperatures will get into the 40s eventually as we go through friday night. nothing crazy cold be chilly. tonight, partly cloudy, chilly, some fog. white winds. by morning, partly cloudy. we will say mild. 38-58, it will not stay chilly very long. by afternoon, partly cloudy and warmer. highs around 65. winds light out of the southwest at 10.
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on the day planner, 51 at 9:00. 64 on the day planner, 51 at 9:00. 64 x 1 p.m. the next three days, i couldn't diagram a better next three days in any me. 68 saturdays -- 68 saturday, 71 sunday. monday, showers, rain, maybe thunderstorm. in the wake of the cold front we are still in the 60s tuesday and wednesday. maybe some showers next verse they were temperatures in the upper 50s. maybe it gets a little colder a week from friday.>> let me guess. a must win. >> prediction thursday, here we go. i'm predicting we will see. i am predicting raises for the two of you. watch for a golden opportunity to
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now game on sports with dave owens. brought you by xfinity.>> a couple of things you can bank on in the nfl. if you injure -- are injured, no one will feel bad for you. components -- opponents will try to take advantage of that. hatcher not sure he can go sunday because of the pinched nerve in his neck. not good when you're trying to put pressure on jay cutler. the bears are rebuilding. still a long shot to make the playoffs. give cutler some credit. fewer
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turnovers in past years and he is still one of the most dangerous gunslingers in the nfc. >> i think it is par for the course with the quarterbacks we have been facing. it's the national football league. you face good cornerbacks every week. we have had a string of five, six guys herero. that's part of the deal.>> the bears are going to be tough at home. escobar is headed to anaheim in a trade. he is never flashy, just consistent. the gnats will receive trevor got. this is the 50th anniversary of the super bowl. nfl players are visiting their stomping grounds to show appreciation for the high schools that gave them their football star. today, brian holloway, former raider and patriot, went back to winston churchill high
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school. hallway delivering a nifty golden football to the school to symbolize his gratitude for his bulldog playing days.>> the idea to come back here is to give a full expression of gratitude to the school because they carved a man out of just potential. all the coaches that trained us so hard, running these halls hill -- here, they built a tough, passionate person with their eyes fixed on winning. >> we saw tom brown do that a couple of weeks ago. that is a pretty cool deal.>> you should go back to your high school into a kind of greeting you get.>> you would be amazed.
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6:30 pm >> pelley: trump takes a solid lead as we find out how americans feel about his muslim ban. also tonight, a san bernardino victim is laid to rest. we'll look at how a pakistani terrorist got through u.s. vetting. sergeant bergdahl talks for the first time about going awol. >> 20 minutes out, i'm going, "good grief, i'm in over my head." >> pelley: and the star wars director has a score to settle with the composer. >> we may need to back the ba-da-da-- repeat those bars. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: donald trump is back on top in the race for the republican presidential nomination. today a new cbs news/"new york


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